episode #011 – 4 September 2009

Welcome to Episode #011 of digital republic


1. Mastra – Flying Ornaments [Kaato]
2. Stel – The Nail That Sticks (King Roc Remix) [Mood Music]
3. Davi – Delysid [Outside the box]
4. Future Beat Alliance – Do You Dream [EevoNext]
5. Northberg – Moments [Klimaks]
6. Mic Newman – The Trembling Trio [Dirt Crew]
7. Einmusik – Pheasant [Parquet]
8. Gregor Tresher – The Life Wire [Break New Soil]
9. Triangle – Three [Dieb Audio]
10. Psycatron – Deeper Shades Of Black (After Dark Mix) [Planet E Communications]
11. Pig & Dan – Memories [Impreransa]


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