episode #015 – 5 february 2010

Hello and welcome to Episode #015 of Digital Republic! After a short break over Christmas we start the new year with a special 2 hour set back to back from myself and fellow DJ Darren Lee Fenton.

Track List

  1. Mihalis Safras – Workaholic (Live intro edit)
  2. Yousef – Come Home
  3. Celtic twins – Keraian Skies (Psycatron Remix)
  4. Giorgos Gatzigristos – Boggling About The Future
  5. Dawad – Dr Avalanche Response
  6. Liz Cirelli & Minski – Shiver
  7. Aboutface – Lurid
  8. Praveen Achary – Crossover (Manuel Sofia Remix)
  9. Solee – Timbabwe
  10. Alex Long – Simskiff (Psycatron Remix)
  11. Egbert – Dezelfde Weg
  12. Pan-Pot – Confronted (Martin Landsky Remix)
  13. Harvey Mckay – Inxase vs Harvey Mckay – Mckay 5am (live edit)
  14. Sonority – Tehotenstvi
  15. Bedrock – Emerald (Henry Saiz Psychedelic Tech Tool) (Live re-edit plus original)
  16. 7thkey – Butterflies in my room
  17. Josh Gabriel – Entanglement
  18. Steve Angello – Monday (Christian Smith remix)
  19. Betoko – Voyager (Paolo Mojo Remix)


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